Monday, March 24, 2014

Star Craft Theme Park

Here's some ideas I had for two Star Craft based Theme Park rides

The first two are from a simulator ride similar to Star Tours and Soaring over California.

The riders wait in line to board a transport ship. An animatronic marine is in the background being suited up. A homage to the Wings of Liberty trailer. 

Main part of the ride where they escape the planet being overtaken by the Zerg. Similar to what's going on in the Heart of the Swarm opening cinematic. The idea is that you're sitting in a transport, when all of a sudden your pilot informs you that the Zerg are invading. You'll see on a smaller monitor that a wave of Scourges are on your way, and they happen to blow open the bottom hull of your transport ship. That's when your chairs rotate back and you're looking top to bottom on a nearly overhead IMAX screen. Your pilot then trys to get you safely out of the city, and various things happen throughout the ride. 

This is a different ride similar to the Buzz Lighter Star Command at Disneyland. 
You're a passenger on a Zerg drone going on a track ride through a hive trying to mine gas and minerals. Along the way, you'll see various animatronic Zergs stopping by to say hello. A frightening G-rated ride. 

Some ideas for a mutated Zerg Drone that will carry two passengers. It's about a logical as a 8 passenger convertible DeLorean. 


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