Friday, June 14, 2013


I got the chance to design some characters for a Bratz pitch while I was working at BrainZoo studios. This is clearly one of the high points in my career. Joking joking! While that may have come off a little snarky, I actually ended up enjoying this project way more than I anticipated. The task of designing these characters fell on 3 guys including myself. We did our best to interpret what the final product should look like. Clearly, someone like me is an authority on what a female tweenager likes. =p Like Oh My Gawd! LOL #BratZ #YOLO

The Momager and her Dog. The Momager was designed by my friend and Art Director at the time, Tony Weinstock

The dog was supposed to based off of a  real life Lawyer whom I shall not name. 

The main character of the story, after she's been transformed. 

I was asked to design a fiery girl with lots of attitude. 

Later on, they needed her to have darker hair. I'm just following directions at this point. 

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