Monday, February 18, 2013

Megalon WIP

Megalon has always been a strange Kaiju, but he's actually one of my favorites, since i used to watch the VHS of Godzilla vs Megalon to death. I tried my best to make sense of Megalon. His most iconic feature are his drill forearms, but I was always somewhat bothered by how he held it perpendicular to his body in a diving motion to burrow underground. In my variation explorations, I took a liking into the tripod looking one. Basically the three arms fold in and make Megalon into a worm like structure with a drill head, sort of like the Gotengo ship. In Kaju form they fold out into a tripod like state where the outer arms actually double for a shield-like formation similar to the tall shields that rural tribal African warriors carry. As for the backround, I roughly painted in a long lost Seatopia underground chasm.

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Musa Kocaman said...

Sinema ile ilgili dizi, film, sinema ve fragmanlarını burada bulabilirsiniz.